We are the caretakers of the vineyard and its environment

By Anne Graindorge

“It’s little by little that the green grape becomes sweet” 

This Greek expression amuses us a lot because it fits perfectly with our philosophy. Moreover, it applies perfectly to our profession as winemakers.

It is with care and diligence that we put ourselves at the service of our individual plots, so that they can offer the best of themselves. This requires us to act with much forethought and patience so that life reveals its secrets to us in each vine, in each grape and in each wine.

SOILS (SoLlicitude)

Working the soil is an important step in our methods of cultivation. Done correctly and at the right time…

PRUNING (Tour de Taille)

It’s in winter and at the start of spring, during the time of vegetative rest (when the vines are devoid of leaves and the sap has withdrawn into the depths of the ground) that we….

Etat saniTERRE (health of the soil)

In spring and summer, we survey the vines with the aim at maintaining their health. Above all, by preserving …


All our vines are harvested manually and only when the fruit attains optimal maturity…

The LIFE in the NEST only relies on intuiTION= VINIFICATION

Once the grapes have been received in our winery in the village of St Nicholas de Bourgueil…

Elle VA dans l’AGE  = She is going to grow up = ELEVAGE=AGEING 

Each cuvée needs time to develop at its own pace…

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