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Saint-Nicholas-de-Bourgueil lies on the border between Anjou and Touraine. Vineyards cover one third of the village land (1,050 hectares).

Saint-Nicholas-de-Bourgueil has 1,250 inhabitants, who are known in French as Nicolaisiens and Nicolaisiennes. Around one hundred of them are winegrowers. The cabernet franc grape variety appeared in the village in 1152 through the political union of Anjou and Aquitaine, and has dominated since 1850. We call it « Breton »*)

Saint-Nicholas-de-Bourgueil wine has Protected Designation of Origin status. The entire production area lies within the village. The vineyard basks in the sun. It lies on gentle south-facing slopes, capped to the north by a forest offering shelter from the cold winds.



The plots located in the former bed of the Loire enjoy a soil composed of an alluvium of gravel. The vines perched on the slopes have their roots anchored in limestone and silty clay. The remaining plots, on the first terrace, lie in sandy and gravel soils with a clay base.

Add in a gentle microclimate, and you have a terroir perfectly typical of Saint-Nicholas-de-Bourgueil vineyards.

You can find out more about the wines and estates of Saint-Nicholas-de-Bourgueil on the producers union's official website..

If you have a few days free to spend with us, you will find all the information you need to plan your visit (accommodation, places to eat, activities on offer, walks, cycling in the Loire and a host of other services) on the town hall website..



* The cabernet franc grape variety comes from South-West France. Many years ago, wine transited from Bordeaux to England via Brittany.
The English, who were fond of cabernet franc, nicknamed it Breton wine.
Or did the nickname come from François Rabelais? In his novel « Gargantua », penned in the 16th century, he wrote, « This good Breton wine which grows not in Brittany, but in good Véron country. »




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* Source: Matthias K. Thun's sowing calendar

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