When we talk about the region of Centre-Val de Loire we think of the chateaux of the Loire and “the gardens of France” but beyond the regional culture “of a French garden” the idea of installing a garden in the Clos des Quarterons relies on several objectives:
  • The desire to make the link between our Domaine and the local plant heritage.

Example: Liquorice, used for its medicinal virtues. It was commonly known as “Liquorice of Bourgueil” for which there was a great demand in Paris and Flanders in 1828.

We were harvesting up to 8,000 kilos per hectare. However, the importation of foreign produce such as vine back-up crops, caused a decline in production and complete abandonment by the start of the 20th century.

  • Link between the aromas of Cabernet Franc and Chenin found in our wine.

Red fruits: Raspberries, blackcurrants, redcurrants. Spices: Sichuan pepper, white fruits, fennel, (aniseed).

We also find some edible flowers: Agastache, (aniseed), Marigold, Nasturtium ……..

  • Link between plants with medicinal virtues and our work philosophy:

Biodynamics We track down dandelion, the common comfrey, yarrow, tansy, nettle, horsetail, which are used for our biodynamic preparations, in herbal extract and regenerative tisanes in addition to our composts.

What is biodynamics? It is regenerative agriculture. Rejuvenating the soil as well as the plants and the quality of food.

By using composts and preparations based on medicinal plants, silica and cow dung, biodynamics favours the fertility and the biodiversity of the soil and particularly its organic matter.

It also helps plants in their development and strengthens their immunity. The use of biodynamic preparations favours the production of foods with greater vitality and which express all the typicality and the flavours of their terroir. 

  • Link between the garden and the human values of sharing, which is dear to Xavier and Agnès Amirault since the garden is also a “binder” for the team, because we share the vegetables, fruits and aromatic herbs harvested throughout the season!

Note: The idea of garden trellis designs was fulfilled by the Clos de Quarterons team, using wood from locally sourced chestnut and willow.

The choice of trees, shrubs, aromatic plants and local plants was carried out by landscape gardener Patrick Genty, and Philippe Lepère owner of a nursery in Bréhémont.