Workshop “Listen and Taste”

Yoga and Biodynamics


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What if you learned to let go and refocus on your senses? A nice preamble before a winetasting, no?

…. The Workshop << Listen and Taste >> was introduced in 2018 by Âme Wine and Christophe Maury, professor of yoga in the Loir and Cher.

The idea of this workshop began from a simple observation: in the practice of Biodynamics, a method of agriculture that takes into account natural rhythms and a search for balance and harmony …..

Well, well, well, but the practice of Yoga leans towards the same objectives, no? The body’s balance, learning how to refocus on how better to analyse how you feel ……

And so, how does the tasting fit into all this?

Make the connection between the sensations on the palate, linked to the typicity of the terroir, the aromatic expression of the varietals, the different methods of ageing and the way in which we perceive them……. Here there is no technical vocabulary or academic approach:


The objective: letting go and reconnecting with the senses to better appreciate the tasting that is to follow!

The principle: to learn the yoga positions amidst the vineyards before moving on to the tasting.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, just listen to YOUR SENSATIONS!


IN THE VINEYARDS depending on weather conditions.


Approximately 2 hours


Adult: €49/person.

Child under 12: €20

*Option: Book a Chic Picnic in the vineyards!

*A tailor made quote for groups of over 12 people


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Private tours by reservation only and dependent upon on the availability of our partners.