Le domaine
La Ferme des Fontaines



…located between Anjou and Touraine, between Cabernet Franc and Chenin

La Ferme des Fontaines has been predominantly a seat of historic and family heritage for more than 150 years. A farm where we have started a revival “like before”: a polycultural place extending over 17ha where flora and fauna, water and vines exist side by side, in respect for biodiversity and in a virtuous environmental cycle.

We have already installed donkeys, geese, chickens and sheep.

The next stage will be assisting a new employee at La Ferme to develop market gardening, growing plants used in biodynamics, making honey, an educational workshop….

In short, a complete project, relying on local natural resources and which we wish to share far and wide.

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La Ferme des Fontaines

La Ferme des Fontaines
RED . Cabernet Franc . 2020
Saint Nicolas de Bourgueil


La Ferme des Fontaines
Sparkling . Chenin .
Vin de France

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