Pruning (Tour de TAILLE par Anne Graindorge)

It’s in winter and at the start of spring, during the time of vegetative rest (when the vines are devoid of leaves and the sap has withdrawn into the depths of the ground) that we largely dedicate the time to pruning the vine. This makes it possible to regulate the quantity and quality of the grapes produced from each vine which, remember, is none other than a Liana (a creeper)!

As this plant is very prolific, we opt for severe pruning. Using a secateur, each vine is pruned in *simple guyot*. It’s about choosing the best cane on the vine for this year (the ‘baguette’) and which two-bud spur to leave for the following year **(the coursan)**.

The most favourable period for this is winter.

When pruning is late, the sap flows before the vine heals with consequences for the harvest. We say then that the vine is crying.

The canes that have been removed can be crushed on site to provide mulch for the vines.

  • *Jules Guyot*was a French doctor and physician of the 19th century who gave his name to this method of pruning after having studied French vineyards.
  • **Coursan de rappel** is a spur cane grown in the year, and which will bear the fruit for the follow year.