By Anne Graindorge

Understanding biodynamics with three essential points

  • Regenerating the soil (energy wells, and resources of the grapes)
  • Ensuring that the vineyards are healthy (so that they can defend themselves against disease)
  • Producing high quality food (natural and tasty)


From this follows the reflections and actions of the winegrower:

  • Letting the richness of the vineyard express itself naturally.
  • Allowing each of their wines to reveal themselves freely.
  • Acting with humility by constantly questioning oneself.


A balance

Between the components of earth and sky, terroir addresses the idea of balance close to perfection. At our domaine, we try to understand our 53 parcels as individual entities. We follow each one of them according to their history, their exposure, their soil composition and by the age and health of the vines, making sure that all is in balance with the global eco system surrounding it.

For each vintage, we can therefore decide on the “work” to be done.

To keep it simple, working according to the principles of biodynamics means:

  • TAKING CARE of the vineyard,
  • TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for passing it on,
  • DARING to take risks,
  • ACCEPTING that you can’t do it all,
  • RESPECTING not exploiting,
  • TAKING TIME to reflect and experiment,
  • SHARING collectively each other’s experiences,
  • ACTING with humility.

We are convinced that this is the most respectable way.