The life in the nest only relies on intuition – VINIFICATION

La VIe dans son NId ne se FIe QU'A son intuiTION by Anne Graindorge

Once the grapes have been received in our winery in the village of St Nicholas de Bourgueil, it remains for us to observe and to act according to what nature gives us and asks us to do.

We already know that at this stage 90% of the wine is made.

So that everything runs smoothly, it is preferable that the alcoholic fermentation (the transformation of sugar into alcohol) starts quickly, Indigenous yeasts (from the bloom, which is a waxy dust, covering some fruit) come from our plots and the environment of the winery.

Maceration generally lasts between 2-5 weeks (following the capacity and quality of extraction that the wine can undergo).

Then the wine is drawn off and we gently press the pulp to obtain the essential remaining juice.

We ensure that the malolactic fermentation (the transformation of malic acid into lactic acid, allowing the wine to stabilize and soften by a reduction in the acidity) is carried through its conclusion.

In this state the wine is born, it now needs to age.